The Knife “Shaking The Habitual” tour

Silent Shout

Projections in smoke (Silent Shout) and a gilded frame for The Knife “Shaking The Habitual” European tour.

“We know of the performative parts of power (Hegemony! Hi!), the on-going upholdance of everything through the performance of everyone. The habitual dance of the ordinary, the narratives of the normal. We know how the norm functions. But this is not every day. We have put on our glitter, we are ready to sparkle. This is special, if we were birds, (maybe we are) our feathers would shine (they do). We are building a place, a scene, a moment. But the blocks aren’t set, the pieces move. We slipper and slide around it, under it, above. Shaking our habitat.”

In collaboration with SUTODA.