KUBKUB did the visuals set design for PUSH 2015.

PUSH is an annual summer festival, packed with electronica, ambient and industrial pop.

The motto from Push is: We focus on all the independent music makers who create and seeking its audience outside the big companies medial superhighways. We urge you to pull together all the world’s artists for a group photo and the promise that large companies performers hardly will appear on the image. So what is the difference between large and small; that music lovers will get a very small selection from the big companies, but we are working as independent wants something else, we want to give you the freedom to choose myself, to discover local food, hear the nuances of exciting corners, to get close to artists, because we you love the music. Large companies own 98% of the music market but for the small percentage of money goes back to the music, and we all Independent artists collaborating on a market share of 2% where all the money is recycled to 100% love and music 🙂

Line-up: Eva Bowan, Foreign Skin, Kali Malone, Reverbal Sign, Snöhamn

An indoor cloud for Snöhamn

Photos by; Elin Hjulström, Vic Zeidner, Thomas Romlöv – All rights reserved.