Dream Music 12 Hour drone event

DREAM MUSIC is a twelve-hour festival in Malmö Live Concert Hall that reflects the daily transition from morning to night, inspired by co-presenters Le Guess Who? and Basilica Hudson’s 24 HOUR DRONE concerts.

Curator: Nathan Larson
Musician and composer Nathan Larson is the primary artistic director, who among other things has made soundtracks to over 50 films, including the Oscar-winning Boys Don’t Cry and Lilya 4-ever andcreates music for HBO and Netflix series. He is a producer, and has played in such bands as Shudder To Think and A Camp.

Set design & Visuals: Mary Toreld & Thomas Romlöv ( KubKub )

For a 12-hour event we set out to create the landscape of a shattered greenhouse. Movements were slow and at times unnoticeable. Impacted walls of glass were hung from above – a tree with lit fruits hovered above. Projections were small and unassuming. The audience were handed small lights they could place anywhere in the room. Most people lay on the floor, some slept, some stayed the full length, others went away and returned. The feeling of rain without hearing it. Flowerbeds of sage were placed below the glass so they could be touched and smelled.

DREAM_MUSIC_10/14/17_FIRST HALF from Nathan Larson on Vimeo.

Full Line up

14.00 – MSO, Arvo Pärt
15.00 – Vindla Quartet / Nathan Larson
15.30 – Lau Nau
15.50 – Lau Nau + Matti Bye
16.10 – Matti Bye
16.40 – Jessica Moss
17.20 – Malmö Nya Dronesällskap
17.50 – Christoffer Berg
18.20 – Jaen Haven
18.40 – Julia Kent
19.20 – The Dream Music Ensamble
19.50 – Noveller (Sarah Lipstate)
20.30 – Deradoorian
21.00 – Robert Aiki Aubery Lowe
21.45 – Julianna Barwick
22.30 – Ectoplasm Girls
23.00 – Saturn And The Sun
23.40 – /// (Nathan Larson / Melissa Auf der Maur / Jessica Moss)
00.30 – Deradoorian / Stephen O’Malley
01.00 – Stephen O’Malley
01.59 – End Tone